About PadPrintech

Mr. Shashikant Gala (Late)

Mr. Shashikant Gala was an enthusiast and a passionate business person. A man who brought the Pad Printing technology in India and spread it across to neighboring countries.

In 1983, He started a company named "Vaijoosha" where they had imported pad printing machines from Switzerland. He was very fascinated by the technology and its ability to Printing in on various shapes and sizes. He started spreading a word that printing was possible on various kinds of shapes and sizes and started taking printing jobs. It was difficult to survive because Cliche's and Pads had to be imported and never could fit into the profit margins. The turn around time was also difficult and unacceptable by customers.

Nevertheless, He took this as a Challenge and started investing his own time into researching and experimenting with the manufacturing of Cliche's and Pads.

In 1988, He started his own manufacturing unit for Pad Printing Machines in the name of his daughter Kinnari as Kinnari's Pad Flex. Kinnari's Pad Flex manufactured Pad Printing machines, they had in-house Cliche and Pad manufacturing. Kinnari's Pad Flex became a sole distributor for Marabu Inks, Germany for India.

With the fast expansion, growth, and demand for latest machinery and automation, he invested in latest technology and space for delivering better quality machines. In, 1998 the company changed its name to Kinnari Printing Technologies Private Limited and achieved a great success.

He passed away on 15th May 2015 at the age of 55 leaving behind his legacy and a motto "Print Anything, Anywhere".

Mr. Harshit Gala

Mr. Harshit Shashikant Gala is a young entrepreneur and passionate about his father's legacy.

After his schooling, he started pursuing his studies in the field of Printing Technology. He took admission into Government Institute of Printing Technology, Mumbai, India to pursue his Diploma. Further, he graduated from London College of Printing pursuing a BA (Hons.) in Print Media Management.

His extensive knowledge of printing has taken his father's legacy further away and have expanded the possibilities in the field Pad Printing.

"I have been very passionate about Pad Printing since I was 13 years old. Since that age, I have visited our manufacturing units. I saw each part being made of the machines and assembled to create the beautiful technology of Pad Printing. I observed making the Cliche's and Pads and understood how the process of Pad Printing worked. Yet there is so much to learn. For me, every new product is a challenge and making it a success is an achievement for both us and our customers."

Mr. Harshit Gala.
Founder at PadPrintech


PadPrintech is one of the leading manufacturers of pad printing machines, equipment and consumables.

PadPrintech is founded in 2017 and carries the legacy of Late Mr. Shashikant Gala, who founded Kinnari Printing Technologies Private Limited and made it possible for his own customers even with the limitations of the technologies in his own time.

PadPrintech makes it possible for you to print on nearly any substrate, surface, size and shape imaginable.

With the legacy 30 years, we harness the power of the latest vendor based machineries, in-house pad and plate manufacturing facilities, artwork development and a sound sales and support team to meet the complete printing requirements of our esteemed clientele. Today, we produce a wide range of printing systems with provisions for complete automation and an ability to print on many types of media in huge volumes with maximum efficiency.

Our Products.

We at PadPrintech cater to a very diversified market segment including Plastics, Automobile Industry, Electric & Electronics, Engineering Goods & Equipment, Sporting equipment, Pharmaceutical industry, Travel and luggage, Glass and Ceramic products, Stationery, as well as the Consumer industry.

Our Clientele.

Our client list includes such reputed names as Larsen & Toubro, Endurance Technologies (Bajaj Group), VKC Group, Paragon, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Lakme, Rotomac Global, Anchor Electrical, Samsonite, V.I.P, Philips, Cello Group, Montex, Innovative Sports, Elleys Industries, LG, USMS Saffron Co.Inc, Trinity Vintners, and many more.