8 Advantages of Pad Printing.

Pad printing is an indirect printing process. It is ideally a combination of Offset and Gravure printing processes. The Plate (so called Cliche) is like a Gravure Cylinder where the image to be printing is recessed for it to carry or hold ink which is then transferred onto the substrate or media using a Silicone Pad (Tampo) like the Rubber blanket in offset printing.

 1 Printing Anything, Anywhere!

The only process in the scope of printing technology that allows you to print on any surface and substrate. Be it concave or convex; round, flat or cylindrical; even an uneven and irregular surface like a golf ball or a walnut can be printed using Pad Printing Technology.

  2 Low space required

The technology doesn’t require to invest in a huge amounts of space. The smallest of the machines use the space of not more than a table. The manually operated machines can even be used domestically as they are very light in weight and require no air or power to operate.

 3 Easy to use

The process of pad printing is very user friendly and easy to operate. The machines are designed and programmed in such a way where they are so easy to operate that it is impossible to go wrong.

 4 Sharp printing quality

Pad printing can print sharp quality printing even on uneven and irregular surfaces. Using the right combination of printing pad and cliche you can achieve good printing results.

 5 Multi-color Printing

Multi-color printing wet-on-wet printing is possible with Pad Printing technology and can be superimposed.

 6 Low Ink Consumption

Pad printing leaves a very fine printing thickness (approximately 0.00025” – 0.0003”). It had the capability to use very low ink and yet achieve a good print quality with depth.

 7 High processing speed

Using the advance technology that is available today you can achieve much higher outputs to fulfill your production requirement. Also, now there fast drying solvents and additives for printing inks to help you achieve the output in Pad Printing.

 8 Versatility

Pad printing is one of the most versatile printing technology. It is versatile in terms of the product range it covers and it is even easily customisable to any of your requirement!

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