Pad Printing Machines

Why PadPrintech?

PadPrintech is the leading manufacturer and supplier of pad printing machines and equipment based in India. We bring to you world class technology at affordable prices.

Check out our pad printing products below.

Manual Pad Printing Machines.

Manual pad printers are a perfect piece of unit for domestic use. No electricity or compressors are required. These printers are best suited for smaller print areas and lesser production outputs. These are available only in single colour and in limited sizes.

Semi-Automatic Pad Printing Machines.

Semi-Automatic pad printers are widely-used printing machines for medium range production outputs and variable product range. These printers can efficiently achieve a small-to-large print area that encompasses all products in most shapes and sizes. Semi-Automatic pad printers are available for single colour, two colour, three colours and four colour pad printing jobs.

Automatic Pad Printing Machines.

Automatic pad printers are Hi-Tech printers designed for extreme precision and accuracy in printing along with large production outputs. They include auto-loading and unloading systems, online pre-treatment and post-treatment if required as well as printing of the product.

Customised Pad Printing machines.

Customised pad printers are specially designed for specific products as per customer requirements. We offer this service to fulfil any customer requirements that cannot be met using our standard pad printing machines.

In addition to printing machines, we at PadPrintech also provide a wide range of pad printing equipment, accessories and consumables.